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Spring is here and if you live in any kind of cold climate you will have experienced some shifting in your home  over the winter.  Looking around, you are likely to start noticing these menacing distractions as the days grow longer.

Better Option

During a recent home office remodel, something I feel many people are completing right now, I found myself testing out the Hyde Better Finish Caulk Repair.  I had earlier in the year placed a tube in my painting toolbox for just such an occasion to test out.

In my instance I wanted to complete the office remodel, and while I was at it touch up several baseboards around the house.

On large jobs I admit, nothing substitutes a full caulking gun.  However being a tool guy the goal is always to find the best tool for the job.  On smaller projects or touch ups, this is were I feel the Better Finish line up really shines.  In my use case caulking, I found the product to be convenient, applied easily, and offered a multitude of tools in one package. 

Better Start

To kick off my weekend project listing I starting in the living room. In the winter I had a picture frame fall off the wall and it landed on the base deck on its way to the floor.  Here is were I experienced the many features the Better Finish Caulking had to offer.  The built in nozzle with tips help make the job go smooth and take less time. Clean up is a snap, and storage is ready in seconds.

Better Features

At first glance and feel the Hyde Better Finish Caulk Repair has a unique and versatile applicator. It is light weight and compact, making it convenient to carry with you.

 Opening the tube is a snap, before I started  I fully expected to have to “stab” a screw driver down on it to get it going, but that wasn’t the case. Instructions on the back show pulling a plastic zipper collar.  Once off,  an additional rotation or two to the head downward engages the cutters on the applicator head and allows for material flow.

When the applicator was finally put to use it did not disappoint, the tip held on firm and was predictable in is application.  The multi change applicator has 3 different size radius tips.  I tested all three to get a feeling for the bead it laid down.  Shown by my image, I’m using it with one hand while holding the camera for a photo. It laid down a nice bead despite my lack of commitment to pressure.  The trick I found , is getting your pointer finger on the tips’ end and pressing down as you apply steady pressure across the the work piece. This completely eliminates any overage out the sides as you draw the product across.

In action

Better Storage

Storage fits the bill for me on this product. 

After rinsing the product under warm water, simply plug it with the stopper which features a hook hole on the end.  The plug effectively clogs the material end by holding fast. Any material left in the nozzle effectively seals the end.   It additionally acts as a peggable hanging feature.  I like organization in my garage and like to use a slat wall for convenience when possible.

Better Finish Easily washed
Easy wash
Easy storage

Lastly, I cannot overlook the most fundamental feature of the product and in my opinion one of the great subtleties this product offers, and that is the soft tube itself.  If you are like me and spend way too much time figuring out if the product you stored some time back in your caulking tube is still pliable, then this item is for you. 

From the moment you grab the product you are able to feel the material inside.  This has several benefits in my mind, the first being that you can tell if the product is pliable. The second is that one could work it to temperature quickly before applying.   Often a big gripe with a caulking tube is not knowing if the material is still usable after opening.  With this product, no more guessing. 


A Better Finish

If you are a person who appreciates convenience or simply wants a product that is multi functional, uses little tools but has many features, then the Hyde Better Finish Caulk Repair  is for you.

Next time you are in a hardware store and are looking for a solution for touch ups around your home, college dorm room, or rental.  Take a second to look for the Hyde Tools Better Finish line of products.  The features jam packed into these items are guaranteed to aid you, and I have a feeling you will like the results.


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